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July 26TH - August 17TH, 2024

2018 Featured Fabrics

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Panels 8 x 8 (Y2437-11)


Deer Dark Gray (Y2439-7)


Deer Light Teal (Y2439-103)


Tonal Hills Dark Olive (Y2448-25)


Tonal Hills Dark Teal (Y2448-105)


Tonal Hills Dark Tomato (Y2448-81)


Tonal Hills Light Khaki (Y2448-11)


Tonal Hills Light Purple (Y2448-27)


Pictorial Stripe Light Teal (Y2438-103)


Pictorial Stripe Gold (Y2438-68)


Frogs Aqua (Y2444-33)


Frogs Cream (Y2444-2)


Skunks Cream (Y2443-2)


Skunks Light Purple (Y2443-27)


Striped Gophers Light Purple (Y2442-27)


Striped Gophers Tomato (Y2442-80)


Lilly of the Valley Dark Olive (Y2445-25)


Lilly of the Valley Dark Teal (Y2445-105)


Diagonal Plaid Light Teal (Y2447-103)


Diagonal Plaid Tomato (Y2447-80)


Woodgrain Dark Gray (Y2446-7)


Woodgrain Gold (Y2446-68)


Woodgrain Light Teal (Y2446-103)


Poppies Gold (Y2440-68)


Poppies Light Teal (Y2440-103)


Swans Light Aquay (Y2441-33)


Swans Light Dark Gray (Y2441-7)


FLANNEL Fauna Cream (Y2449-2)


FLANNEL Fauna Light Teal (Y2449-103


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